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May 15 2017

Common Things People Forget When Moving

You’ve bought a new house, packed all your boxes and gathered your important documents, but you can’t help thinking that you’re forgetting something. Does this feeling sound familiar to you? Moving to a new house is a stressful experience, so forgetting things is only natural. But never fear! The moving professionals at Crown Moving in St. George are here to help you out with the following checklist of belongings and errands people often forget when moving:

  • Cancel recurring charge
  • If you’re moving to a new city or state, canceling gym memberships and subscriptions attached to your address at least a month before moving is a good idea, since many gyms require a 30-day notice. This way, the fees won’t follow you to your new house and you can find a new gym in the area.

  • Contact your car insurance provider
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles suggests that those who are moving, particularly out of state, to manage their car insurance. States have varying levels of coverage and even if you’re staying in the same city, the rates can differ between neighborhoods. Call your insurance agent before moving to find out the deadlines for updating your coverage.

  • Change your address ahead of time
  • The U.S. Postal Service offers an online form to change the address for all of your mail, but you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. If you want your mail to arrive at your new home the same time you do, complete the form about two weeks before your move.

  • Remember hidden keys and valuables
  • Most of us keep a spare set of keys in a secret spot or have valuables hidden somewhere in the house. You definitely don’t want to leave valuable items or documents behind and the new tenants of your home will need the spare keys, so make sure they aren’t hidden.

  • Pick up personal records
  • It’s easy to forget about picking up your own medical records or the records for your family pet. It’s inconvenient, and often costly, for medical records to be sent to your new home from your old practitioner. Make sure you’re prepared and have all the necessary records you need to start off well in your new house.

  • Return borrowed possessions
  • People often move house and accidentally take along possessions that don’t belong to them. Whether you’ve borrowed books from the library, or you’re using a friend’s electronic device, it’s important to return these before you move to avoid fees and stay in the good graces of your friend.

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