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Aug 01 2017

Moving with Children

Moving with children, especially young children, is going to be difficult. This is already a stressful experience, but dealing with children who are scared, resistant and upset about moving makes the situation even worse. Fortunately, kids are adaptable and resilient, though it takes time to prepare for what to expect.
Here are our tips on how to make moving with children easier:

Prepare them for what to expect

Young children might not have a good understanding of what moving really is, so explain to them exactly what will happen. Read age-appropriate books together to help them further understand.

Let them help you pack

If the kids are old enough, let them help you pack their belongings. Even at a young age, children can sort toys and help wrap objects in paper or bubble wrap. If you’re putting things in storage, ask them what they would like to keep and what they don’t mind parting with.

Have a goodbye party

Give your children a chance to say goodbye to the people who matter most. Kids love celebrations and this is a great way to turn your move into a positive experience.

Make a memory board

When preparing for a long-distance move, you’ll probably be leaving family and close friends behind. Help your kids make a memory board by building a collage of pictures with their favorite people. When you’re at the new house, they can hang the board in a special place and see loved ones every day.

Don’t rush

Accomplishing anything quickly is difficult with small children around. Give yourself time to plan and execute the move, because moving with children will take much longer than you’ll originally anticipate.

Take concerns seriously

Kids, even toddlers, can verbalize some of what they’re feeling. Older children will probably have many questions and concerns, so treat their feelings with respect, even when you can’t accommodate their requests.

Time the move

Sometimes, circumstances dictate when you have to move. If you have a choice, time your move so that it happens during a relatively calm period of your child’s life. Take school schedules into consideration and avoid moving during any big changes.

Pack toys last

Children need entertainment right up until the last moment, so don’t pack the toys up right away. If you do, you’ll be left with bored children who might drive you insane.

Make it an adventure

Moving is an upheaval that wreaks havoc on your child’s normal routine. Take advantage of this and let your kids do things they normally don’t, like staying up late or eating extra treats.

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