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Sep 15 2017

Moving Internationally? Remembering Everything on Your Checklist

Moving internationally can sometimes be a little intimidating or nerve-racking. There are many things to do that are beyond the “normal” moving checklist. To make sure nothing is forgotten on your big move, we have created a checklist of some of the most important things to remember.


  • Apply for any paperwork needed in the country you are moving to. This can include, residency documents, work permits, visas, etc.
  • Make sure to have all records or documents transferred to a new country, or given to you. For example, children’s school records, medical records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.
  • Research and pick your moving company. You want to make sure you are comfortable with and can trust who you choose. You are trusting them with all of your belongings, so don’t make the decision lightly. Read a company’s reviews and testimonials to really see if they are the right company for your move.
  • Talk with your bank or credit card companies and make sure that you will not have a problem making transactions at your new destination.
  • Go through your things and throw away or sell things that you do not need. Then you might want to consider getting a storage shed for the things that you do not want to haul overseas but don’t want to throw away either.
  • Visit your physician and make sure your family has all of the immunizations needed.
  • Learn a little bit about the geographic and culture of your new city. Buy a map and try to get familiar with the layout of the city. This will get you excited about your new adventure and make adjustment easier.
  • Change your address, and forward your mail. Once you have already moved this process may be a little more difficult. If forwarding your mail to another country is not a possibility than speak with a friend or family member that is okay with you forwarding it to their house. Also, make sure all of your friends and family have your new address.
  • Book your flights and hotels a couple months ahead of time to get the best prices.
  • Plan your new method of transportation. If you are shipping a car, get estimates and book a company. If needed, look up how to get a new driver’s license and the requirements for it. If not shipping a car then look at your other options. Look at the costs of buying a new car, or using other methods of transportation, such as train, subway, taxis, etc.
  • If you do not have a job already set up then look early for jobs. Research the job market to see how it works, and how it is different than what you are used to. If possible you want to have a job lined up before you get there, or at least some interviews/options.
  • The last and most important point is to prep early! Doing everything last minute will not be sufficient for an international move. It requires a lot of extra planning, so start on it as early as you can!

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