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Oct 01 2017

4 Ways to Get Excited About Your Move

Sometimes home moving can be stressful and tedious. You have to juggle all the details, pack an entire home, and move to a new, unfamiliar place. You may struggle to reign in kids and pets while trying to pack, and you may momentarily double-think moving altogether. However, we at Crown Moving of St. George want to see you succeed. Here are a few tips for how to turn this new chapter into an exciting adventure.

1. Draw out a plan – There’s no need to wait until you have boxes stacked up in your new house to figure out how you want to arrange it all. Take some time to let your creativity flow with your new home! Draw out a plan for your house, where you want that piano to go, how you want to arrange those couches. Instead of being overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out last minute while boxes fill up your living room, you can have a plan, move in smoothly, and have a relaxing moving experience. Have a plan beforehand of any changes you wish to make to the house itself, such as painting walls. That way, you are not forced to unpack unnecessarily before needing to move it all out of the way again. Doing so will mitigate stress and help you get excited to turn your new house into your home.

2. Pack with a Plan – You’ll be more excited to move in when things have been packed well so it just works naturally. If you know certain things will remain together in your new home, pack them that way. If you want your books to go in your living room, pack them in boxes meant for your living room. Label your boxes so you and your movers know where each should be taken. You shouldn’t have to be wondering why the silverware is now in the basement with old family photos. Save yourself from running around trying to locate your belongings because of lazy packing. If you pack smart now, you’ll be excited to unpack later. For more smart packing ideas, click here.

3. Hire a trustworthy moving company – Moving on your own will often lead to damages, stress, and a negative feeling towards the move in general. Instead of risking your happiness, call in professional movers that are recommended, trustworthy, and hard-working. Hire a home moving company who has experienced and respectful movers. For those moving in the western states, St. George’s Crown Moving can help with the packing, hauling, crating, and loading. On moving day, be friendly and kind to your movers–they want to do their best work for you.

4. Locate local areas of interest for you – Find places that you look forward to visiting, like amusement parks or museums. Also locate places that you will consistently need, like grocery stores. By becoming familiar with the city in which you will soon live, you will quickly feel like a local. The new life ahead will seem less daunting, and you’ll feel more like you belong there.

Let moving be a fresh start for you. Rather than starting it on a stressful, unhappy note, begin with excitement and planning for your new home. Most of all, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. This is a big step! Good things are ahead! So take this chance to make the most of it.

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