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Oct 15 2017

5 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting fresh start, and everyone loves the chance to use their creativity to take a fresh step forward. A new home feels like a blank slate, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when it comes time to decorate. How can you make your new house look as beautiful as all the pictures you’ve seen? You can! With just a few simple tips, you can have the home decor you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose a color palette.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to create a cohesive, clean look in your home by following a color palette. Having a set of matching colors gives the room a united feel, whereas having randomly chosen colors for furniture and walls can cause a room to feel messy or disjointed. By keeping a color theme with the decorations, walls, and furniture, you will feel as if you hired a professional to do your decorating for you. You can find example color palettes or design your own here.

Learn to love the accent.

Sometimes finding colored furniture or repainting walls can be overwhelming. For people who are more conservative and enjoy their white walls or earthy colors, that can work well too! In that case, all you need to take the whites, blacks, and browns from boring to beautiful is a little accenting. Rather than worrying about a total makeover, find a few small places to add a color. This can be centerpieces, frames, drapes, or pillows. By adding just a small splash of color, suddenly the entire room looks sophisticated and intentional.

Celebrate your weathered furniture.

Moving into a new home doesn’t mean you have to toss out the old furniture. With just a touch-up, old, weathered furniture can become the most beautiful part of your living room. Give your old wooden chairs a new accenting pillow, and suddenly the entire chair has become a fashionably vintage piece. Let the natural wood texture of a worn table show under a fresh, white centerpiece of flowers and vases. Worn furniture can look intentional and classy by adding just a touch of new.
Embrace your DIY creativity with centerpieces and decorations.

This really is a lot easier than it sounds. Classy centerpieces and decorations can be made from random objects that you otherwise wouldn’t imagine using. This can be painting old jars white and using them as centerpieces, using old plates as wall decorations, or using old book pages to decorate vases. You can create a unique, stylish look by taking simple things and making them beautiful, and by extension making the entire room look carefully decorated. Look here for a variety of different easy, stylish DIY projects you can use to spruce up your new home.

Be consistent with your themes.

Consistency is key in decorating your new home. Just as you need to be consistent with colors, you need to also be consistent with the style. If one room is modern, keep it modern. If one room is meant to be vintage, keep it vintage. If one room is meant to be minimalist, keep it minimalist. Doing so will keep it looking clean without confusion and clashing.

Moving is a great chance for you to have the house you have always wanted. While Crown Moving takes care of the moving, you can focus your energy on the beautiful home you are ready to create. Decorating no longer has to be stressful, and you can begin your new home feeling fresh and confident.

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