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Nov 01 2017

What to do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Moving can be a very stressful time. There are so many things that worry about in the current house you are living in and in the new house, you are moving into. Many things that you should do involving your new house are actually easier to get done before you move in. Here are a few quick tips on the things you should get done before you move into your new house to make the transition a lot smoother.

A couple weeks before you move into your new house you should call and have your utilities set up. Sometimes the different utilities are separate companies so you want to make sure that you call each one. A lot of the time your realtor can be helpful here and provide you will the information for the area. Forgetting to have one of the utilities set up can make it so you get to your new house and do not have hot water for example, which is not the way you want to start off in your new house. There are also usually fees associated with setting up your utilities late, which you will definitely want to avoid. So take the time to have them set up to save yourself stress and money.
Aside from the regular utilities you also want to look into having your wifi and cable set up. If you research the provider you want ahead of time, you can schedule for the technicians to come set it all up either right before you move in, or the day you move in. This will help your house feel like a home from the get-go.

Address Change
Before you move you want to make sure you have your address changed. You can schedule the post office to start forwarding your mail on a certain date so that you can ensure not missing any of your mail. Also, make sure that your friends and family have your new address. This tip may not seem as important, but if don’t do it at the beginning while you are thinking about it, then you will most likely forget and have to send it out periodically to your relatives once you’ve moved in. You will definitely get annoyed having to give it out all the time, so save yourself some time and just get it done all at once. Also don’t forget to change your address with your credit card company, bank and anywhere that will be affected.

Plan A Party
A party may seem like the last thing that you want to worry about when moving into a house. But a party may actually be just the thing to keep you sane while moving. If you plan a housewarming party a couple weeks to a month after moving in then you will have the incentive to have everything unpacked by then. It is sometimes hard to motivate yourself to unpack all of the items that you just barely packed up, but having a deadline will help you get the unpacking out of the way. A party is also a way to make your house feel like your home. It will also make the adjustment easier, especially if you have kids.

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