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Jan 01 2018

Short Distance Moving Tips

Even if you’re only moving across town, moving house is a stressful experience. Crown Moving is here to make your moving experience easy and stress-free. You can prepare yourself for the big day and eliminate extra stress by reading the following tips:

Measure ahead of time

The advantage of a short-distance move is that you can easily measure your new space. This will save you significant time on moving day because you’ll know exactly where to place furniture, how much closet space is available and how your d├ęcor is going to play in.

Evaluate your belongings

You may not think you own that much “stuff”– that is until you start packing up for a move. We accumulate a lot of things, whether it’s mugs, board games, shoes, old papers or random knick-knacks. The smartest way to evaluate what you own is to take a mental inventory of your possessions and then triple it because you probably own more than you think.

Appreciate cardboard boxes

Maybe you think it’s a pain to track down large cardboard boxes but they will be lifesavers in the end. A large, sturdy cardboard box is still the easiest, quickest way to pack a lot of stuff all at once. Just make sure to pad and wrap breakable items before placing them in the box.

Prioritize items

Deciding what to move first is essential if you want to be efficient and reduce the overall stress of moving house. Things you will need immediately at the new house include scissors, box cutters, trash bags, utensils, cookware, toiletries, toilet paper, chargers, power strips, and tools. Put all of these things in a clear bin so you can see them and differentiate the items from the myriad of cardboard boxes. Labeling boxes by room will make unpacking much more manageable, as it allows you to take one room at a time without being overwhelmed.

If it goes in first, it comes out last

Whatever you put in first will come out last, so don’t put chargers, your toothbrush, essential toiletries or any other must-have items at the bottom of a box. Strategically think about what you use the most and what you don’t need right away and pack accordingly.

Remember the necessities

You need to be able to use the bathroom, shower, eat and sleep in your new place on the first night. Moving is tiring and stressful and being able to have a semi-normal routine will keep you sane and refresh you for the next day. Focusing on organizing your whole kitchen in lieu of setting up your bed will leave you exhausted and unhappy when it’s time to finally get some sleep.

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