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Feb 07 2018

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During A Move

Sometimes the best time to move is not always the most convenient time. If you are one of the lucky movers that will be moving around Valentine’s Day, no need to fret! You can still have a very romantic day, you will just have to get a little more creative in your romantic shenanigans. But all in all, it just adds to the excitement of your sentimental day.

Date Night Package
When you first move into a new place it takes a minute for it to really feel like home. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is the perfect excuse to take a break from packing and break in your new place. Create a gift basket for your significant other that has your guys’ favorite snacks, movies, drinks, and knick-knacks. Then you can even go get your favorite take out and enjoy a relaxing Valentine’s in your new home. You don’t have to go and do anything on Valentine’s Day to make it special, just putting in some effort to show you care will go a long way.

At-Home Massage
A massage is the perfect Valentine’s gift, and chances are it is exactly what your partner needs. After days of packing, moving, and unpacking your muscles will definitely be tight and sore. Help ease your significant others stress and tension by giving them a massage a home. It doesn’t cost anything, and it will mean the world to them. If you are feeling extra romantic then set up the room with candles and music to set the mood.

Explore Your New City
There isn’t a better time to go explore what your new destination has to offer! Book a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, or just go on a romantic walk through the downtown areas. You will most likely be in need of a break from unpacking, and so getting out the house to distract you for a moment can be much needed.

Leave Notes
People always say it’s the little things that count, and this can come in handy for you. The day before Valentine’s day leave little love notes tucked in the top of boxes that your partner will unpack. Your partner will love the surprise of finding the notes and will appreciate your creativity and effort. Sometimes you forget to tell your significant other the little things you admire and appreciate about them, but this is the perfect opportunity to do it.

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