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Mar 01 2018

How to Properly Pack Fragile Items

Packing fragile items is always risky when moving. Sometimes even though you feel like you packed everything perfectly, things still seem to break during the move. The best ways to pack items to avoid them breaking can be tricky and unique for different items. Knowing the best tricks for packing fragile items when moving is the best way to make a smooth go easy.

When packing fragile things, one of the most important things is to make sure there is no movement or space in the box. If everything is packed tightly, the fragile items will not have room to move around and break. You don’t want to pack the boxes too full though because if they are bulging the boxes will not stack very well and can fall easily. Different materials usually require different methods of packing as listed below.

The best way to pack class according to U Ship is as follows. You want to get a few protective materials first. You will need some packing paper, this can be purchased or you can use newspaper or something similar. You will also need bubble wrap, tape, and packaging materials. You will start with wrapping the item in a layer of paper and then a couple layers of bubble wrap. Then you tape the bubble wrap to itself to prevent it from undoing itself. You then do this with the rest of the glass items until you have enough to fill the box. Then place your packaging material of choice in between the items in the box so that they fit snug against each other with no wiggle room.

If you are moving mirrors you want to take extra precautions to avoid them from breaking. The first thing you want to do is use painters tape to make a star on the surface of the mirror. This helps to absorb vibrations and keeps the glass from moving around and to prevent the mirror from breaking. You can then use bubble wrap and/or blankets to protect the outside of the mirror. You can also get foam pieces for the corners of the mirror if it is a more delicate mirror.

Furniture in moves can easily get dinged and scratched. The best way to protect it is to get corner foam pieces to put on furniture that it will fit on. You can also use plastic wrap to protect the surface of the material from getting dirty and scuffed. If you are packing lamps you want to pack the shade separately in papers and bubble wrap in a box. The stand can be packed in a box or just with bubble wrap.

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