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Apr 15 2018

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Stress Through Decluttering

In numerous health and wellness studies, it has been proven that being “unwell” mentally or emotionally affects your physical wellness as well. Stress is no exception to this. When you are stressed, it can cause you to be unwell physically. You are more susceptible to getting sick, and even more susceptible to develop various diseases and conditions.

Make sure that you are taking care of yourself through learning to distress through decluttering. Decluttering routinely is the most effective method. This way you keep the clutter under control by consistently taking time to remove it. Keeping your house and life decluttered will also save you a lot of time and stress when you are moving. All of your possessions will be ready to go and you won’t have to worry about packing useless clutter.

Decluttering doesn’t only apply to physical clutter in your life. Clutter is really anything that is distracting and unnecessary. Social media, screen time, and TV time are all examples of clutter in your life. Reducing the usage of these will also decrease your stress level and increase your awareness and happiness.

Decluttering is a process, and if attempted to be done all at once, can cause even more stress than the clutter itself. Decluttering step by step is key to live a stressless, clutter-free life.

  1. Closets First
  2. Your closet is often the place with the most amount of clutter. It is hard to give up that shirt that you swear you are going to wear soon, and those jeans that still fit but just don’t go with anything. But it is necessary! The easiest rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn the article of clothing in the last year, then get rid of it. This will keep your closet uncluttered and up to date.

  3. Reduce Screen Time
  4. We all spend a lot of time on our phones every day, it’s just a fact of life at this point in time. A lot of the time that we spend on our phones, is wasted by not really doing anything. We are clicking through emails we never read, opening apps to get rid of the notification, things like that. If we unsubscribe from those emails, turn off those notifications then you can reduce your screen time easily. Once you do that, start consciously dedicating a time that you won’t spend on your phone.

  5. The “Junk Drawer”
  6. Everyone has a junk drawer in their house that has anything and everything in it. These are often a good culprit of clutter, and also an easy thing to fix. Go through your junk drawer and find a place for everything in it. Once you do that, you will be able to see the things you normally throw in the junk drawer and now that you have a place for them, you won’t put them in the junk drawer anymore. Dedicate the drawer to specific things that you don’t have a set place for.

  7. Go Through You Attic
  8. While growing up, I moved several times. I noticed on the 5th or 6th move that I was hauling around some of the same boxes in storage that I had been for every other move, and I hadn’t looked at the box since the last time I moved. Some of the boxes are keepsakes that are worth hauling around with you, but some are just junk that you decided to save at some point in your life. Go through your storage boxes every couple of years to make sure you want to keep everything in them, this will also make moving so much easier when the time comes.

  9. General Decluttering
  10. Huffington Post gives the suggestion to go through your possessions and asking yourself, “does this add value to my life?” to determine if you should keep something. This way it’s harder for you to make excuses for why to keep something you know you will never use or haven’t used in the last 10 years.

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