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May 01 2018

How To Prevent Injuries When Moving

Packing your house, loading the boxes into the truck, possibly driving long distances, unloading the boxes into your new house, and then unpacking it all. That is what a typical moving process will look like, and as you can tell there is a lot of room to potentially injure yourself in there. Preventing injuries when moving is not very complicated as long as you follow a couple quick tips to keep yourself injury-free.

  1. Bend at the Knees: When you are lifting boxes always make sure that you are using your legs to carry the majority of the weight instead of your back. If you do not bend at the knees, and just bend over at the waist to pick up boxes there is a good chance that you will pull a muscle, strain your back, or even throw your back out.
  2. Keep Your Body Straight: When you attempt to twist and contort your body when you are lifting heavy things, the chance of injuring yourself goes up drastically. Try to always lift an object straight on and don’t twist your body in any weird ways while carrying the object.
  3. Invest in Moving Gloves: This may seem like a weird suggestion, but it can really be a lifesaver when moving. Moving gloves can be purchased at places like Walmart or Home Depot. The gloves have a special grip on the hands that make it so the items you are carrying won’t slip, and you won’t hurt yourself.
  4. Create a Moving Strategy Plan: According to Moving Tips, having a plan in place of how you will carry out your move can prevent injuries and help the process go smoother. Decide what time of day you will be moving, what events are going on that day, what room to pack first, etc. The more that you have planned out the less stress and smoother the move will go.
  5. Keep Good Posture/Positioning: When lifting heavy objects, always keep them close to your body, this way you have more control and there is a smaller chance that it will slip or drop. Posture is always an important thing to maintain, but when moving, it’s especially important. The weight and strain of the items that you are moving will only put pressure on the parts of your back affected by bad posture, and you will be very sore or potentially pull something.

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