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May 15 2018

Five Ways to Adjust After Moving to a Home

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.” A quote that we have all heard in some form or another. When moving into a new house, the transition of making it feel like your “home” can sometimes be difficult. Moving is hard on someone at any age. Saying goodbye to the house that harbors the memories from the years you lived in it, saying goodbye to close friends and family, packing all of your possessions and seeing them drive away in the moving truck. All of it symbolizes starting over, which is daunting and nerve-racking for everyone. The key when moving is to not look at everything that is changing or that you are losing, but to look at all of the opportunity that you have. Having to start over means you also get a fresh start to make any changes that you have been wanting to for a while. Nobody knows you yet and so you can use it as the chance to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

  1. Make Connections
  2. When you first get to a new place, it is tempting to want to just curl up on your couch and never go out into an unfamiliar town where you don’t know anyone yet. But, that is the last thing you want to do! If you don’t start to meet people and make connections right off the bat than you might miss the opportunity. Making connections with people around your new house will help you start your new life in your house and turn it into your home. It will also help you start to form good memories in your new house that will make it feel like your home.

  3. Be Active
  4. As mentioned earlier, staying cooped up in your house after you move in is never the smart thing to do. If you are not quite comfortable going and introducing yourself to the neighborhood, at least try to get outside and get your heart pumping. Being active will also help prevent you from depression due to the move. Even if you do not have time for a lot of exercises, make it a priority to do at least something each day.

  5. Try New Things
  6. Moving is the perfect excuse to change things up a bit and try things you wouldn’t have necessarily tried before. Buy the decorations you always wanted for your house and use them to spice up the look of your house. Paint your bathroom the exotic color you have been wanting to do forever. Whatever it is, take advantage of a fresh new house that you get to mold into your own.

  7. Unpack Early
  8. This may seem like one of the most obvious things, but it’s not as easy when you are in the middle of a move. It’s easy to let ourselves just unpack the essentials and do the rest “later”. Sometimes that later doesn’t come for months or even longer. Having the peace of mind of being completely unpacked, plus having all of your familiar belongings surrounding you both help make your house feel like your new home.

  9. Explore
  10. Getting to know at least a little bit about the new city you live in can seal the deal for making your move feel complete and for your new house to feel like your home. As mentioned before, making new memories in your house is the fastest way for it to feel like your home. Simply associating the fun things you do in your new city will make improve your mindset about the move, and remove any doubts or worries you have about your new life there.

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