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4 Ways to Get Excited About Your Move

Published under Uncategorized on 10/01/2017

Sometimes home moving can be stressful and tedious. You have to juggle all the details, pack an entire home, and move to a new, unfamiliar place. You may struggle to reign in kids and pets while trying to pack, and you may momentarily double-think moving altogether. However, we at Crown Moving of St. George want to see you succeed. Here Continue Reading »

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Moving Internationally? Remembering Everything on Your Checklist

Published under Uncategorized on 09/15/2017

Moving internationally can sometimes be a little intimidating or nerve-racking. There are many things to do that are beyond the “normal” moving checklist. To make sure nothing is forgotten on your big move, we have created a checklist of some of the most important things to remember. Checklist: Apply for any paperwork needed in the country you are moving to. Continue Reading »

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5 Packing Tips

Published under Uncategorized on 09/01/2017

Packing can be one of the most stressful aspects of moving. Trying to figure out how everything you own is going to fit in boxes and packed in the moving truck on time can sometimes seem implausible. To help alleviate the pressure of packing here are some simple tips that can help make the process go smoother. What to Pack Continue Reading »

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Childproofing Your New Home

Published under Uncategorized on 09/01/2017

Do you have little ones in your family? If you do and you’re moving to a new house, there are certain things you need to do to childproof the home so they can stay safe. Unintentional injury is one of the top killers of children in the United States, but prevention can eliminate almost all of these injuries. Take the Continue Reading »

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Things You Should Do Right After You Move In

Published under Uncategorized on 08/15/2017

We all know that moving homes or office spaces can be an additional headache during an already transitional time. Luckily, moving pros like Crown Moving of St. George UT are here to assist you in every way possible. Let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when moving so that you can avoid as many potential Continue Reading »

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Moving with Children

Published under Uncategorized on 08/01/2017

Moving with children, especially young children, is going to be difficult. This is already a stressful experience, but dealing with children who are scared, resistant and upset about moving makes the situation even worse. Fortunately, kids are adaptable and resilient, though it takes time to prepare for what to expect. Here are our tips on how to make moving with Continue Reading »

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Emotional Stages of Moving

Published under Uncategorized on 07/15/2017

The decision to move to a new city or state is both thrilling and intimidating. While moving somewhere new is definitely exciting, it’s only natural for you to feel some strong emotions along the way. If you feel like you’re the only one who is scared to move to a new city, you’re not alone. Although not everyone handles the Continue Reading »

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How to Learn About Your New City

Published under Uncategorized on 07/01/2017

If you’re moving to a new city, you might be a little nervous. Not knowing where anything is can be a stressful situation, but if you do your research ahead of time you can learn all there is to know about your new hometown. Using online resources, you can research the following to gain peace of mind about moving to Continue Reading »

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Get Your Property Ready for Renters

Published under Uncategorized on 06/15/2017

There are various reasons someone might rent out their house, apartment or condominium. You might be going overseas for an extended amount of time and need the extra income; maybe it’s a second home used for vacation purposes, or perhaps you’ve moved into another house but decided not to sell the old one. No matter what the case is, you Continue Reading »

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Helping a Pack Rat Move

Published under Uncategorized on 06/01/2017

Packrat, hoarder, collector—most of us have one of these individuals in our lives. Whether the pack rat in your life is a grandparent, a great uncle or a hobbyist friend, helping them move comes with its own set of challenges. Managing a move with someone who can’t seem to get rid of anything is both emotionally and physically trying. By Continue Reading »

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