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Feb 12 2014

Tips for Moving with Little Kids

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If you’re getting ready to move with your entire family, it looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you! Moving with little kids can add unique challenges to an already challenging task. That’s why you’ve got to take extra precautions to prepare for your special moving day. These are some simple ideas to help your moving day run smoothly.

1. Hire a babysitter or ask a friend to help with the kids. Even if you are a two-parent family, you will likely want the extra help. Because you will be busy packing, organizing, and planning the move, you will need extra help to occupy the children’s busy hands. Even more than occupying their hands, you will want the extra help to keep the kids safe. Hiring or asking a favor of someone will help keep the kids out of the way of movers and heavy equipment in order to keep the kids safe!

2. Use suitcases to pack the kids’ essentials. Don’t forget to keep the stuffed animals and baby blankets out of the taped up boxes. Even if you expect that you will be able to unpack in the same day, it is still smart to keep these essential items within close reach just in case something happens during the move. You will want to be able to hand your children their favorite comforting toys in case they have a hard day. Likewise you will want to keep snacks handy in case there are delays!

3. Pack the kids’ stuff in spots that are easier to access. Be prepared for potential delays by keeping your children’s clothing and belongings close to the surface. By doing so, you will keep your kids happy while also minimizing your own stress!

These tips for moving with little kids were brought to you by Crown Moving, a moving company in St. George, Utah, dedicated to helping you have a smooth and worry-free moving experience!

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