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Dec 15 2013

What Makes a Good Neighbor

So you’re moving into a new neighborhood! On top of all the packing, cleaning, and then cleaning and unpacking you’ve got to do, you’ve also got to make a good impression. But who has the time to put on a pretty face for the neighbors with all the stress of moving into a new home? Well, you do! You don’t need to do much to win over your new neighbors, and it certainly won’t take as much time or work as you’re anticipating.

1. First things first, let people help you. This might seem like it contradicts your need to make a good impression on your neighbors, but it’s not. If people offer to help you and you continually turn them down, you’re not allowing for a relationship to develop. Letting people help you in this time of stress will immediately start a friendship. Then they will be more likely to come to you for help someday.

2. Let your neighbors get to know you. Don’t be shy about letting your personality show through when you first move in. Be yourself! Letting your neighbors get to know the real you will help them to feel comfortable around you. Talk to them when they visit, talk to them as they help you unpack, or talk to them when they pass you on the street. It doesn’t require very much time to connect with someone if you let them get to know you.

3. Be courteous. You’re the new one in the neighborhood, it’s important that you show you’re willing to respect the way the neighborhood is already running. If you have kids or pets, teach them to be respectful to the neighbors by example and by setting rules that they can follow. If you’re bringing in a lot of stuff for your new home, be careful that it does not interfere with the neighbors driveways or lawns. Helping your neighbors see that you are friendly and that you know your boundaries is an important skill for a good neighbor.

These are just a few tips to be the best neighbor for your new neighborhood! At Crown Moving we are not only your preferred moving company in St. George, UT, but we want to help make your transition as simple as possible!

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